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Wilson Staff D7 Irons | Gear Review | Golf Monthly

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► Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests the new Wilson Staff D7 Irons on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor against the outgoing D300 model to see if the performance has improved.

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7 thoughts on “Wilson Staff D7 Irons | Gear Review | Golf Monthly

  1. Man they look shit! you will spend more time picking mud out of the bottom holes.. not too mention the dirt will go inside. oh and loads of offset

  2. D7 7 iron loft = 28 deg, length 37.5″.
    My Taylormade PSi 7 iron loft is 31.5 deg and has a length of 36.25″ (org length is 36.75″). My 6 iron has a loft of 27.5 deg and has an length of 36.75″ (org length is 37.25″). So the D7 7 iron is practicaly a 6 iron with a length of a 7 iron.

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