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Patrick Reed news Why is Masters champion Patrick Reed HATED by golf fans Truth revealed

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Patrick Reed news: Why is Masters champion Patrick Reed HATED by golf fans? Truth revealed. If there was a poll for the least popular Masters winner in history Reed, this year’s defending champion would be right up there. And do you know what? He does not care a jot.

Reed, an instinctive lone wolf, has a tight circle which usually consists of wife Justine and her brother Kessler Karain – his caddie – and beyond them he does not feel the need to please anybody.

“Everyone has their own different personality,” said Reed at Augusta National this morning. “Really, the biggest thing is to be true to yourself and go out and do what it is that you feel like is best for you, best for your team, and also, helps you perform the best.”

The fan backing on the course during the final round of the 2018 Masters was for Rickie Fowler and the charging Jordan Spieth – two wholesome, polite American boys much more palatable to the patrons.

The back story of Reed did not fit with a Green Jacket. There were accusations of cheating when he was at Augusta State and a schism with his teammates which saw Reed leave after one year. And there was the family feud which saw Reed estranged from his parents and sister after he chose not to invite them to his marriage.

Nor was his brash, finger-wagging Captain America Ryder Cup persona particularly appealing to them.

The support or otherwise was irrelevant to Reed. As always on the course he was only thinking of No 1. He was there to do a job of work and he did it, closing out his first Major to a backdrop of grudging admiration but little warmth.

The wrong guy won.

When Reed broke ranks after Europe’s Ryder Cup win in Paris in October and criticised Jim Furyk’s decision not to pair him with Spieth and to bench him for two matches it only served to cement his reputation as American golf’s difficult child.

The blunt Texan has mended some of those bridges since but remains resolutely his own man.

Reed tonight plays host to the other past Masters winners at the traditional champions’ dinner. He will do so as the newest member of one of the most exclusive clubs in golf.

As the ultimate outsider, being part of the elite inner circle is an irony that will not be lost on him.

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