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Honma Golf Balls… TESTED!!! I Golf Monthly

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► Neil Tappin tests the new premium TW-X golf balls by Honma. How do they perform up against Srixon’s Z Star XV?

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5 thoughts on “Honma Golf Balls… TESTED!!! I Golf Monthly

  1. Very enjoyable honest review of the Honma golf ball seems fantastic value £26 wow only downside I’d prefer if you had some comments on the course about how the ball was performing only because that music was loud and awful. Only my opinion ✋

  2. Yes “100%” possible as opposed to “0%” possible. However as u mentioned it’s more of an antidote. I think the quote was mainly encouraging golfers to play what feels and performs good and not to get caught up in name brands and price.

  3. I play the Snell MTB Black and they’re kind of like what Honma is in that it’s a premium golf ball with not the premium price tag . Very solid performer

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