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GOLF: Senior Golf Swing Lesson

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Senior Golf Swing Lesson

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In this clip from one of my in-person lessons, you’ll see my first hour of a two-day session with Mike. This is where we figured out what was going on with Mike’s swing, identified priorities and set up the blueprint of what we wanted to accomplish long term for Mike’s golf game and goals.


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10 thoughts on “GOLF: Senior Golf Swing Lesson

  1. I’m 67, diving into a long term lesson plan and after 5 I’m finding I have identical issues which my coach is working on with me. Been trying to play well for years but now fully realize what I was not doing well with turning and shoulder tilt. Your feels are just what I’ll be working on daily until I get there. Thanks!

    1. Awesome! Hope it helps! Have to eventually learn to match arm and hand motions to this but its a great start to build a foundation!

  2. Great lesson for me. About a week ago I was at the range and started “S”in the ball all over the place. Finally figured out that i was swinging the club with arms and not t”urning through the ball”. Started concentrating on turning, shifting weight and finishing swing and “whalla”! Started hitting the ball high, long and straight! Good job Eric. Really enjoy your videos 🏌

  3. As a senior golfer, I can totally relate to what Mike is going through. I would also like to say that imho, you Eric are doing a great job in getting Mike on the road to better golf.

    1. Thank you! It was a good first step of building a blueprint. We did much more work on arms and hands later on after I was able to see him play 9 and thats when the contact and ball pattern started to get a lot better!

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