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BGI – Virtual Golf Lesson – So Much Potential!!!

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Golf lessons are essential to shooting lower scores, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or the access to professional PGA quality lessons….But now you do! Neil Barnhill PGA Certified Teacher Professional is providing virtual lessons to golfers who can’t make it out to see him.

The V1 Pro HD software is the best in the golf business! The top teaching professionals in the world use this software. The software is easy to use and the graphics help the students to see their swing more clearly. The ability to do voice recordings for the virtual lessons is an incredible tool that helps me to communicate with you. Here are a list of items you will get when you take a virtual lesson with me:

A comprehensive and professional swing breakdown, identify major problems areas and where we can make the most improvement.

Comparison of your swing against PGA or LPGA touring professionals with a similar body build.

Voice audio overlay detailing the positive areas of your swing as well as the areas where we can make the largest improvements.
Will use visual training aids to explain and illustrate your problems areas and where we can make greatest enhancements. Also, I will use videos of PGA touring pros in order to help illustrate my teaching points. (a VERY useful tool).

A written plan of attack for each video lesson specifically customized for you(a Step by step guide).

Welcome to BGI, I am Neil Barnhill Class A PGA Member. I am excited to bring you videos that offer quality golf instruction to all levels of players from beginners to professional.

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One thought on “BGI – Virtual Golf Lesson – So Much Potential!!!

  1. Neil, thank you for breaking down my swing. I can see now where I have been losing all of my power, and what the correct technique looks like. Fixing my set up has allowed me to swing much easier which translates into faster club head speed while having more control of the club through the entire swing. I’m already on the range, like you said, and getting 40-50 yards longer with my driver when I stop the “sway”.

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