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5 thoughts on “WHY YOUR ALIGNMENT IS ALWAYS OFF | Wisdom in Golf | Golf WRX

  1. great video shawn – again! I genuinely love your teachings,you’ve helped my game no end!
    Seem to genuinely love the game too, which is another thing ive learned to do. enjoy every round, because you cant play forever! soak it in!

  2. I just love this guy’s teaching! Watched his videos for the past three years and credit his “wisdom” teachings with helping me drop 59 strokes in those three years. No other teaching pro anywhere in the Anglosphere is as good as Shawn, both for making the explanation simple and for presenting insights no other pro golfer even thought of. He is so right: 1. The farther the ‘intermediate point’ is from the ball, the worse is the distorting influence of the side-view on our alignment; 2. The side-view, at “1,000% wrong,” mentally triggers a ‘feel’ of misalignment which should never be corrected by making any adjustment while still standing facing the ball. Notice how Shawn breaks away from his address to walk back behind the ball to re-acquire his proper alignment. This is the best alignment advice ever! If Shawn ever does a golf teaching video on the distorting influence upon alignment by ‘parallax view’, combined with his ‘side-view’ insights he’ll revolutionize golf instruction even more. Parallax is kinda like looking at a fish in the water; it is NOT where you see it, because the brain knows nothing about refraction, but the informed mind does! Because of parallax, the center of the driver is NOT where we ‘see’ it at address and a straight shot is almost never obtained by hitting the back of the ball into the front of the ball.

  3. Great video shawn, this is me totally but my side vision has me thinking im aiming way left so i shuffle right, frustrating

  4. Yesterday at range was frustrated by 30% hard pulls even with target clearly in mind. Then I saw this video this morning and I hope it explains the pulls. Sometimes I’m confused though on what to concentrate most on – the intermediate point or the target. I’m an above average bowler and my most successful days are when I zone in on the intermediate point and see the ball roll over that point. I’m wondering if I should concentrate more on seeing the club pass over the intermediate point than on the target “out there.”

  5. Brilliant !!! Exactly what instruction should be simple, concise, with a practical explanation and demonstration. This is why you are the best instructor out here !!

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