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What I Learned about my Golf Swing in My Golf Lesson!

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It’s always good to continue to learn about yourself by taking golf swing lessons. In this video Dan Martin gave me a lesson using The Pro Swing Trainer. Be sure to check out Dan’s channel in the link below and also check out The Pro in the link below.

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My Gear List
Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons – 4-GW
Titleist TS3 – Driver 9.5
Titleist TS3 – 3 Metal 15 Degree
818 H1 – Hybrid 19 Degree
Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab Seven 2 – Putter

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7 thoughts on “What I Learned about my Golf Swing in My Golf Lesson!

  1. First time really disappointed with your videos. Position golf is the WORST way for amateurs to learn

  2. I would recommend you start without the handle on the PRO and then move to light grip with the grip on the PRO and then a true golf grip with the grip on the PRO. Furthermore, instead of attempting full shots and full swings, start with the Wrecking Ball drill. Then move to the 5-ball drill.

  3. Another golf gadget……..really get tired of golf instructors and all of their chairs, towels, ropes and for 99.95 this will make you a better golfer.

    1. Dan Martin is a Class A PGA instructor and has produced several elite junior golfers and works with professional golfers as well. In other words, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. I’m very satisfied with my purchase of the PRO. I have bought many videos, books and training aids, but have come back to the PRO time after time and now exclusively use the body wisdom I get from it for all my shots from tee to green.

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