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This golf ball blows my mind!!

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Today The Average Golfer tests the NEW Seed SD02 Golf ball, can this budget golf ball compete with the Premium price tag Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chromesoft, TaylorMade TP5 golf balls??

Is this the best value golf ball on the market for Average Golfers?

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5 thoughts on “This golf ball blows my mind!!

  1. Interesting, but the softness of the greens this time of year will have a huge impact on perceived spin on the greens. Really need some dry ball data or on course comparison with another well known ball at the same time.

  2. Been using seed balls for a while now. I really enjoy playing with them. They drive well and spin when you need them to. The only thing as a bit of a hacker the ball cuts up abit, especially when the coarse is hard like they are here in Australia.

  3. Not enough people test these balls ! Gorila golf balls, the SD-01 i use is quite close to the Titliest Prov1
    The Average Golfer, what did you thought of the coating resistance? I found the only issue with the Seed is they don’t last that long … Thoughts?

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