How to relax your arms in seconds! | Golf with Aimee

A golfer is suffering upper back pain, and asked on my Ask Aimee section Q: Thank you Aimee, for great golf lessons. I have been playing golf for about 20 years. I am an ENT Doctor. During the downswing I push my right oblique, keeping my shoulder plane, I am now

Interview: Ilhee Lee LPGA Tour Player | Golf with Aimee

Today I am interviewing an LPGA Tour Player IlHee Lee. She won the 2013 Bahamas LPGA Classic and have earned over 2 million dollars during her career. It was a privilege to spend time with her learn about her life experience. There is English sub title. Golf Lessons with Ilhee Lee: phone: 469-766-2080 오늘은

Interview Part 2: Ilhee Lee LPGA Tour Player | Golf with Aimee

Today we go in more depth of what her schedule is on a typical tournament week. It is always fascinating to hear how these great athletes think. To receive golf lessons from Ilhee Lee, please contact phone: 469-766-2080 오늘은 지난시간에 이어서, 선수들의 스케줄, 꿈, 느끼는 점 등등을 더 깊이 있게 알아볼게요! 이일희

Importance of Self Talk | Golf with Aimee

When you are on the golf. Course and things aren’t going great, what do you do? We all need to have a routine for re-grouping. Let’s talk about how regular golfers cope and figure out what the best way is! Link to my Pre-shot routine Golf Lesson: I hope you enjoy! If