How To Not Look Like a Beginner Golfer, Mark Crossfield and the gang talk beginner golfers top tips and how to look like a pro and not a beginner golfer. Having fun on the golf course is what we all want and for this to happen beginner golfers and seasoned

How to Hit Driver for Beginners

If you are new to golf or just need to learn some basic fundamentals about how to hit your golf driver, these tips will have you hitting the ball farther and straighter! These 3 beginner golfer tips for your driver focus on proper ball position, angle of attack, and more to

THE ART OF THE LAG PUTT – Beginner’s Guide to Golf

The Art of the Lag Putt Beginner's Guide to Golf Granite Ridge Golf Club Ruby Course In this episode of the Beginner's Guide to Golf I utilize an actual on course experience to demonstrate the Art of the Lag Putt. In previous Seasons I would have been totally nervous about any Putt


As a beginner or newer golfer there is lots to learn about this game. Here Chris Ryan shows you 5 of the most common mistakes that are made out on the golf course by the newer golfers. Making sure yo don't fall into these traps can really help you reduce your scores

The 5 Best Tips for Beginner Golfers

There are a lot of tips out there to learn how to golf, so we put together the 5 Best Tips for Beginner Golfers to help you in the right direction. So you’ve decided to take the plunge and you’re going to learn how to play golf. Let me be the