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RotarySwing RoadShow – Mastering the 9 to 3 Golf Swing Drill

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10 thoughts on “RotarySwing RoadShow – Mastering the 9 to 3 Golf Swing Drill

  1. Great lesson and I am a convert however, I don’t agree there is only one way to do the job based on “biomechanics”. Studying anatomy I’m now aware the range of movement differs sometimes considerably among individuals. This facilitates different mechanics for some.
    Cameron Champ is showing one, his underslung extreme body move is his own and will no doubt become a model for teachers of the young looking forward but in truth most of us cannot achieve his angles and internal rotation and cannot match his positions throughout the swing. And he certainly does not “stop” his body in the same way as Rory/Greg through impact. His hips already face the target and stop some time before impact. To me he looks somewhat like Bobby Jones coming back down to the ball.
    Possibly a step backward for back health but modern players obsess with length and will try to copy him.
    To me it screams “Cauda Equina Syndrome”.

    1. This is precisely the reason we don’t care how tour pros swing the club – 81% will get injured from their swing mechanics according the National Golf Foundation. That’s why RotarySwing is objective in looking at the swing and why we have a medical panel of world-class surgeons and Ph. D. biomechanists to objectively look at the RotarySwing from a point of efficiency and injury prevention.

  2. Fantastic video. Eventough I consider myself on a higher level and have lessons myself, it was still worth watching. Actually a bit amusing, that lessons is not something which is shown very often on YouTube. Actually I can’t remember if I have seen one.

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