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No EXCUSES for Bryson Dechambeau’s SLOW golf

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I discuss the slow play issues that we see in golf and look at the issues surrounding Bryson Dechambeau’s putting video at the weekend.

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5 thoughts on “No EXCUSES for Bryson Dechambeau’s SLOW golf

  1. The R & A and the USPGA changed a lot of rules this year but never addressed the issue of professional slow play and the issue of greens books, the slow play issue is now the norm in the weekend medal and stapleford at our local clubs with staplefords taking on an average of 4 1/2 hours 😜😜😜🏌️‍♂️

  2. Slow play is a massive problem absolutely. But the pro’s in particular are their own worst enemy. They could sort it in an instant. All it takes is for one of them that is clearly witnessing slow play to call in the marshal that is following their group and make an official complaint. A complaint that not only is a player playing too slow, but the marshal of the group should be removed with immediate effect for not upholding the rule he is employed to do. Regardless of rules officials, the pro’s are the one’s who can get this stopped literally over night. Waiting for officialdom to sort it will just see the problem going around in circles. What use is it witnessing slow play for almost 5 hours and saying nothing. Then complaining about it the next day on TV or social media platforms. Show some fuckin bollocks and demand a penalty be enforced. What is the point of endorsing “ready golf” and the “40 second rule” then not enforcing it. Basically, the officials of the game havent got a clue what to do about it and are just hoping the problem will go away. Well it wont. So thats why until a pro makes a stance on the matter in a high profile comp for the world to see the problem will persist. So as far as i am concerned, you play with fire, dont complain when your fingers get burned. Slow players are not killing the enjoyment. Its those who are party to it and do absolutely nothing about it who are destroying it. On fairway shots. Once a player has reached their ball there should be a maximum of 90 seconds to play their shot. On the greens. Once a player has marked and picked up their ball to clean it there should be a maximum of 40 seconds once the ball is replaced to take their putt. Its not fuckin hard is it!!

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