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Make Driving the Strength of Your Golf Game

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– Drills and tips to help you make your driver the strength of your golf game.

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Mike is a golf pro in Raleigh NC. Mike Sullivan teaches golf to players of all abilities in Raleigh NC. Mike also provides corporate golf lessons all over the United States at PGA Tour Tournaments.

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4 thoughts on “Make Driving the Strength of Your Golf Game

  1. Excellent video and thanks for the kinds words this afternoon. I have a terrible issue relaxing with this club in my hands. For some reason, I am very tight, which causes a problem with my turn and ability to “swing the club.” I am not consistent with my grip pressure (some times I have a grip pressure of 10 on the grip instead of a 4 or 5. I need to work on that). When I start out with light grip pressure; I get a really good whip of the club.
    Just gives me more to work on. Thanks again for the tips!

  2. I’ve been driving better lately. The trick seems to be syncing the arms with the hips. I start the downswing with the hips just a fraction of a second before the arms. I come into the ball with a slightly closed club-face and I close the face more just after impact. I want a wide back-swing and a full shoulder turn in the downswing.

  3. Thorough lesson thank you. My slice comes and goes but definitely kicks in more as I warm up and swing more fully. I will be mindful of your advice this morning on the course. Cheers from New Zealand

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