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  1. This is gold, great video! I will definitely be sending a video once the weather improves and I can get outside to record a swing or two. Nice clear explanations and relatable. Keep up the good work!

  2. Liked that Ali asked about the mental game. At roughly his age I figured that I would never hit the ball as well as Jack Nicklaus but I COULD THINK AS WELL AS NICKLAUS. [Nicklaus? That shows my age!!!] So even today taking golf back up at 70 years old I don’t get [too!] cranky with myself for bad shots but I hate making bad decisions. I know I will miss more often than not so I try to play to that and make bogey instead of a double or a triple when I do.
    What with uni, work, etc I was lucky to play one day a week at my ‘peak’, and had to quit for years at a time for family, career and changing cities and states. But thinking like Nicklaus [as best I could] helped me play reasonably good Pennants and handicap district competitions and won a lot more playing pennants for my team than I did playing for myself in club comps. But most importantly it made and makes golf fun.
    Love your second hand videos Simon. Still mostly play with my 1987/88 Daiwa cast blades with S300 shafts that still look as good or better than even Mizunos although I have got some more modern irons as well. But I don’t score any better with even the latest irons I borrow occasionally, so why change at my level when I can tell exactly where on the face I hit/mishit them and can try to adjust a bit next time?
    I now live a 120kms round trip from the nearest pro shop at a golf club and three times that from any fitting centre [but a short walk to our local golf club which in the Australian countryside cannot sustain professional] so I recently upgraded my steel shafted Cobra driver with a second hand Callaway GBB Fusion driver and a Mizuno JPZ Easy 19 degree hybrid without any adjustable head [which looks like an old persimmon 4 wood in head size]. Both with an S shaft. Neither are popular clubs so the on-line price for both plus delivery was a bit less than 200 UK pounds; and both work! So why spend 700 UK pounds for an average 5 yards?
    Keep up these videos Simon – they have great content for golfers who don’t have pocket books even larger than their egos. [Still saving a newset of Mizunos for my 71 st birthday though. So shiny!].

  3. Really enjoying your videos. You asked for suggestions, so how about doing a ‘Crossfield style’ journey for 2 or 3 golfers but entirely through video analysis to show you can achieve results through YouTube given more time and familiarity. I can’t think of a swing fault series where we actually get to see the improvement. Also has the benefit of enabling you to teach them how to create decent quality swing clips for you to analyse!

  4. Great video, lovely idea helping the guys out for free. What about comparing your swing to their swings using the lines? The lines really helped me as a visual learner.

  5. love the vid, have you got any exercises for a slice swing. I seem to bring my hips through like Im playing cricket.

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