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Importance of Self Talk | Golf with Aimee

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When you are on the golf. Course and things aren’t going great, what do you do? We all need to have a routine for re-grouping.
Let’s talk about how regular golfers cope and figure out what the best way is!

Link to my Pre-shot routine Golf Lesson:

I hope you enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Importance of Self Talk | Golf with Aimee

  1. An Added Plus: A Pre Shot Routine…I wanted it to be [Automatic like Breathing]. So I [discovered] how the Hands (the grip) breathes & that’s all I use for my pre shot routine!… [“Breathe & Let it happen”]! PS: With [Breath] your [Concentration & Focus] is 100%!

  2. A Fun Jot: I can honestly say, “I’ve never had a bad day in golf.” (a) I’ve played in Blizzards. Bethpage (red). (b) I’ve played in Heavy Rains. Even when my golf ball was buried in 1&1/2 feet of mud I can say, “I was never discouraged or angry”! [I returned the ball to the fairway on the first try]! Point: Golf is a challenge. I don’t have time to talk to myself or re examine the terrain. It’s uphill or downhill. No matter what it’s [sidehill or elevated]. Note: The first time I played Golf was on the IBM Course, Upstate, NY. I used only a Five (5) iron for the entire (18) holes. Why? I wanted to enjoy the game. I was in the Fairway 99% of the time! PS: I had a better score than my partner who had been playing golf a few years trying to master his irons & woods!

  3. Well said mental state carries over to physical actions I used imagery to learn how to draw my driver and went from scoring 100 to high eighties in less than a year thanks for all your great advice

  4. Wow….It seems as though you are talking directly to me. I’m experiencing a tough time on the course. Thanks for the tip

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