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How to Shallow the Club Like the Pros with ONE Move – RotarySwing RoadShow FREE Golf Lesson 9

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Oh man, it’s Chan! Many of you saw Chan’s hilarious video that convinced me to drive to Shreveport, LA to give him a free golf lesson on the RotarySwing RoadShow.

In today’s lesson, I’m going to teach you how to shallow the golf club like a tour pro to create the perfect golf swing plane – without even trying!

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11 thoughts on “How to Shallow the Club Like the Pros with ONE Move – RotarySwing RoadShow FREE Golf Lesson 9

  1. Very very very good video. For Chuck to travel and show this shows me that he is the real deal. Very impressed. This is how you teach golf.

  2. Man I love watching these live lessons..It somehow helps ingrain the lessons from the RST site when I see it applied…Hope you keep posting them

  3. Another amazing transformation in one lesson from Chuck. This one hit me hard, as I have always had a tale of two divots like Chan here. Practice swing- divot in front of the ball, then when it’s time to hit that “white devil”, Fat city. Now I know why, and can work on correcting it. Thanks again, Chuck

  4. Wow! another great lesson, Chuck. Chan is a quick learner. He sure was excited when he instantly saw the results of the weight shift, posting up, and letting the arms naturally follow. His face was beaming! I have really learned a lot from my in door lesson with you. I learned more in that 1 hour than I have learned since I started golf 6 years ago. I practice the sequence every day in my mirror, and it’s becoming more natural and comfortable. Thanks for doing this, Chuck. Seeing you in action helping us golfers understand your system, and WHY it WORKS, gives me confidence and encouragement to continue the practice and learning process. Robyn and I enjoyed having you and Christina here, and wish you a fun and safe trip.

    1. Ya it’s fun seeing my students faces light up when they realize what they’re going to be able to do once they work through the system. Thanks again for your hospitality! It was great to meet you both!

  5. Hey Chuck, thanks for these series. I get the opposite problem with my driver swing and sometimes my 3 wood. I fall back after impact. Am I just pulling too hard, stance isn’t stable, or weak glutes? Are you going to drive to sunny Socal?

    1. Golf Instruction Ok thanks Chuck. I have a bunch of videos uploaded to your site and Aaron has helped a lot. I mean a lot, along with your instructional videos. When I get the time, I will email you a video and see if I can convince you to come to LA when you are in SoCal. Thanks again, and kind of saving $800.

    2. We will be in socal sometime next year most likely but plans are not firm yet. I’d have to see your swing to be sure but I’d guess a stance that’s too wide and and a lack of weight shift and those two go hand in hand

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