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How to Hit Driver for Beginners

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If you are new to golf or just need to learn some basic fundamentals about how to hit your golf driver, these tips will have you hitting the ball farther and straighter!

These 3 beginner golfer tips for your driver focus on proper ball position, angle of attack, and more to help amateur golfers hit their driver with more confidence and enjoy the game more!

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8 thoughts on “How to Hit Driver for Beginners

  1. I wonder what your right and left arms look like in downswing. Stretched out with your right arm over? Thank you!

  2. Todd, I watched this video to get some pointers, even though I’m not actually a “new” beginner. I’m am “old” beginner. By that, I mean I’m 70 years old, very stiff, a bit of arthritis, and I’ve only been playing for 2 years. I play at least once a week, rain or sun, hot or cold, and I walk the course. I’m in better shape today than I was 20 years ago. I watch a lot of instructional videos, including yours, on a regular basis. All the advice in your video is very basic – I’ve heard it before. And then at the end, you talked about BALANCE – about holding in the finish position. Bingo. This is something I have trouble doing. When I do it, I know that I’ve hit the shot well. Usually I’m off balance, even if the shot is OK. All the advice I hear about grip, stance, swing mechanics, etc has helped me play better. But what has really helped me are stretching exercises – getting in touch with my muscles. And the one exercise that’s helped me the most is standing on one leg for long periods, and regaining my balance. Thank you for emphasizing this point.

    1. Gerry Waneck wow. Great post!! Thank you for adding to the conversation and helping our fellow golfers. Your experience and story is awesome! Hope you subscribed…more great info to come!! 👊

  3. Is it ok to keep the hands/clubhead center at setup up for driver instead of “reaching” forward for a forward ball postion.

    1. Enzo De Sario your bet!! Having the hands slightly behind the ball at address is ok for the driver. Great question!!

  4. another fundamental to cover is where the butt of the handle points in relationship to the body..thx for covering the basics….Tom

    1. Thomas Palmer good question!! The hands can be slightly behind the ball at address with the driver. We suggest that position to help create that positive angle of attack.

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