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How to Break 100: Back 2 Beginner – Bare Bones Breaking 100 System Episode 1

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I go back to being a beginner by taking the game up left handed. After breaking par, I decided it was time to get in touch with my inner high handicapper and learn the game again from the other side of the ball to help you learn how to break 100 and even 90.




In this first ever round left handed, I didn’t think too much about strategy and course management. I used this 9 holes as a bench mark to see how much I could improve from one round to the next. I will provide more tips in the next video to help you break 100. This will truly be the Bare Bones Breaking 100 System where you don’t even need a full bag of clubs to smash 100! I have a feeling 90 might also be in danger!

I hit about 600 balls at the range over 6 sessions to learn to hit the ball with the Honma LB 280 clubs I initially bought. They were extremely difficult to hit because they just looked to thin from the top and the leading edge was too sharp which dug into the soil instead of gliding through like bulkier rounder game improvement irons do.

To break 100, I believe we only need to get it 130-140 yards off the tee. If you can
t reach the fairway with that distance, move forward one tee. If you can hit further than that straight, then play off longer tees

I played off Rose Garden’s 6000 yard tees and managed fine.

.To break 100, you really don’t need to take risks at all. You can tee off with an iron and break 100 by using the iron that you practiced the most at the driving range. Some people think this is boring but I can tell you, this 9 holes in the video was the most fun I’ve had in years on the course. It was more fun than shooting 71.

I found some areas that need to be practiced and worked out:
1. A club that goes 130 or so yards off the tee.
2. Putting inside 8 feet
3. Chipping to within 8 feet
4. A shot from 100 yards
5. A shot from 50-75 yards
6. Swing THROUGH the ball not AT IT. Imagine it isn’t even there. Just focus on finishing that swing.
7. Roll my wrists to release the club
8. Swing back to 50% power to have a more controllable swing. Just avoid trying to hit it too hard.
9. Follow my basics of chipping from the right handed game.

To break 100 easier, I will need to do the following going forward:
1. Focus on course management.
2. Practice the new R7 hybrid more for more distance.
3. Use a new technique I found for short putts which will remove some of the mechanical thoughts in my head preventing me from holing putts.
4. Chip and pitch the ball closer. Short game is so easy to improve because I can do it anywhere and doesn’t require a big piece of land or much power.
5. Focus on not over swinging and knowing my distances is vital. I must know how far I hit each club to set up easy approaches.
6. Par 3’s are scoring holes at this stage of development. Long par 4’s I am happy to double but I need to capitalize on short par 4’s for bogeys.
7. I must not let par 5’s intimidate me. We seem to let the length intimidate us but it’s just the total distance divided by 4 to get on the green! Making 8 and 10 on the par 5’s really hurt the score.

I played left handed again for the second time now that I am in South Africa on a course with a slope rating of 133. Stay tuned for the next episode on my quest to break 100 left handed with more tips.

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