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Golf Swing Made Easy And Strain Free With Heavy Arms

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Golf Swing Made Easy And Strain Free With Heavy Arms

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A better golf swing that produces good ball striking, more consistency and an increase of power can be accomplished by having heavy arms and good tempo.

When you let the weight of the golf club and the weight of your arms, your golf swing will be on plane and consistent.

You can have power in your golf swing and you can have consistency in your golf swing too. But too many golfers spend their time on golf technique that is forced and against your natural mechanics and rhythm.

If you have a good good movements in the swing have to of occurred throughout the golf swing to get there and today you have one of the best golf lessons that follow the golf swing made easy method we are on a mission to help with.

We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the most simple golf swing tips If you鈥檙e looking to get more power and consistency while improving key fundamentals!

Start having real control of your golf game. Be able to hit any shot, at any age, in golf with simple golf tips and lessons.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with The Art of Simple Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Alex Fortey

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Golf instruction as you know it is killing your golf game. It’s time for simple golf principles and no more b.s so you can play better golf.

Improve your golf game, swing and performance with our expert coaches, golf tips and golf lessons to help you play your ideal golf game without needing lots of hours to practice or train.

We help you increase swing speed, improve consistent golf swing and provide you great golf tips and practice drills to help you play better and effortless golf.

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11 thoughts on “Golf Swing Made Easy And Strain Free With Heavy Arms

  1. great to see someone take all the unnecessary complications out of the swing. will try this. you sound like Justin Rose by the way!

  2. I actually play some of my lowest rounds with a 48″ driver because the weight of the club made me release through the ball instead of guiding it.

    1. Great idea. Some folks should try it. Always encourage heavier weighted clubs. An issue is the light clubs became trendy.

    1. I also watched the long drive video and had a go at the long “bomb” drive. Really pleased with the result. Like your point of view on golf, no mystery, magic or you must do it this way. Keep them coming. Have you got a putting video? 馃檪

  3. I saw this vid and instantly thought about Shawn Clement. Then I looked at the rest of the vids and see that he’s on a lot of them. Great swing thoughts. Gonna work on thinking heavy. Should improve rhythm big time. Thanks.

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