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Golf Lessons – Ball First Contact

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – The ability to control the golf ball is critical to shooting lower scores. But many players struggle with this due to difficulties in making ball first contact.

Too many players contact the ground before the ball trapping grass and dirt between the clubface and ball, compromising both distance and direction. The other error I see a lot is players striking their fairway shots with the club travelling up through impact resulting in thin contact and low ball flight.

In this video I outline a few simple keys that will have you making ball first contact every time. These drills may be ones you haven’t seen before but they are ones I use with players daily to help them hit better shots and have had great success with them. I know they can work for you too with a little focused practice.

Now that you can make ball first contact on your fairway shots, you are gong to hit more greens and thus have longer first putts. To take advantage of this opportunity you will need to have good speed control with your longer putts. Check out this video to learn how to control distance on long putts

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7 thoughts on “Golf Lessons – Ball First Contact

  1. sane as me when I coach cricket, I dint want to make it about me but some
    people just learn better if they see it done.

    thanks Derek

  2. ahah, thanks Derek, I know you want us to play better then you, but
    some.people learn better visually, so seeing you hit 3-4 balls will help us
    more then only talk :)

  3. hi Derek!!
    your tips are amazing and easy to understand.

    the only negative I can take out is, it would be good to see you hit a few
    ball more often so we can see a perfect tenique like yourself.


    1. +Jhiah Barker Fair point. I will try to hit more shots in future videos.
      Always happy to take advantage of an opportunity to hit some golf shots.

    2. +Jhiah Barker Thanks for the kind words. I will plan to hit more shots in
      my next round of filming, but my goal is always for my students to play
      better than me so copying me may not be the best plan. All the best with
      your golf game.

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