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Golf Lessons – Add 20 yards to your drives

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – I have never met a player who doesn’t want to hit the driver longer. The ability to hit the ball further down the fairway and thus closer to the green makes it easier to not only hit the green but also get the ball closer to the hole, and thus shoot lower scores.

There are a few keys to hitting longer drives and one of them involves your angle of attack to the ball. The angle of attack is a measure of how the club is travelling in relation to the ground at impact, and if you can optimize this you can add distance to your drives without having to increase your club head speed.

In this video I show a simple drill that will allow you to improve this aspect of your impact, thus allowing you to launch the ball higher and thus add 20 yards to your drives.

Now that you have added 20 yards to your drives you will need to be sure to make ball first contact with your fairway shots. To learn how to achieve that check out this video

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7 thoughts on “Golf Lessons – Add 20 yards to your drives

  1. I’m 15 and I am wanting to go out for the golf team but I don’t want to
    embarrass myself I am gonna get lessons but I can’t swing right like my dad
    says I bend my elbow and I’m not turning my body enough and I can’t hit the
    ball very far either and I would like to be able to qualify for a
    tournament to play golf this fall for my high school team we have to
    qualify every two weeks and tryouts aren’t till June but I need advice and
    help any thoughts?

    1. +Holly Rutherford Hi Holly, playing for your high school golf team is a
      great goal. It is good to hear that you are thinking about this now so that
      you have time to work on your game before the first tryouts in June. Your
      idea of working with a local qualified teacher is at the best idea, but in
      the meantime I would ask you to consider working on areas of your game that
      will give you the biggest reduction in scores the fastest.

      1. No penalties – hit clubs that allow you to keep control of the ball and
      thus keep it in play.
      2. Reduce the number of 3 and 4 putts per round to zero by working on your
      aim on short putts and distance control on long putts.
      3. No 2 chips – when you are inside 30 yards from the green choose clubs
      and shots that allow you to be on the green somewhere in one shot.

      Working on these ares will help you reduce your score and build your
      confidence. I wish you all the best in making the high school team.

  2. Would a simple feel going thru impact be your left shoulder going up and
    around as your right shoulder goes thru?

    1. +Thomas Palmer That feeling could work for some players. Best thing is to
      try and it and see what the resultant ball flight is. There is a chance
      that such a feeling could produce and excessively left swing path so be
      aware of that and that such a move could produce a pull or slice.

      I hope that helps and all the best with your golf game.

    1. +RollYourRock Some players may need to aim slightly more right to ensure
      the swing path is not too left at impact, but it would depend on the player
      and their ball flight goals.

      Hope that helps and all the best with your golf game.

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