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Golf Instruction: HOW TO stop sliding part 1

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8 thoughts on “Golf Instruction: HOW TO stop sliding part 1

    1. Lmao. I know your pain mate. When I’m watching his lessons I get all
      excited cause I think I have clocked what he is saying. Then when I get to
      the range I just can’t do it!

  1. I’ve been watching your videos and just subscribed. You do a good job.
    Quick (probably not haha) question for you. I’m blocking/pushing shots a
    lot. I play a draw. I know my path is too far right causing the block or
    flip to hook it. I want the draw, but how do I move path more left or
    towards 0 and keep my head back? I used to really slide over it to cover it
    and move path left that way but didn’t get any height on irons and driver
    was very bad. Thanks!

    1. +SuperStevegrant thanks for the comment. I don’t go back to my instructor
      til next week and just wanted to see what people thought. I think just
      letting the arms drop might just get the arms trailing more behind me and
      leading to the push shots actually. I need to get on video more but I’ve
      seen my path just really far right. Don’t know my Trackman numbers on path.
      When I’m playing well, my face is usually around 0* and the path is closer
      to 1 or 2* right for a tight draw.

    2. If I may, lose the draw. Stop sliding. Start turning . Stop the hand path
      from going out to the rights of target. Leave the hands up and turn then
      allow the hands to drop down as opposed to going out to the right.
      Straighter shots with a better impact. What do I know?

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