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8 thoughts on “Disc Golf Tips for Beginners – Considering all options: Disc Golf Nerd

  1. Thank you for all the help. Do u think I should try a river or a super
    light disc? Sorry for all the questions but I have invested a lot in
    drivers and can only inverts in one more right now. 

    1. +rugbybitt77 A river would probably be a good choice. If you want to try
      lightweight I would say try a Lucid Air Escape, or maybe an Opto Air Bolt
      if you want something fast. Also if you have drivers laying around that you
      don’t use maybe try selling or trading them online. I sometimes use a group
      on facebook called the disc golf throwers exchange for selling and trading
      stuff. Might be a good way for you to try some new stuff without spending
      too much money.

  2. I throw in the 325ish my farthest was 355. Right now I use a esp Crank. I’m
    now using uDisc to measure. I want to try and get more distance. I tried a
    frost diamond but that flips all the time

    1. +rugbybitt77 Yah Diamonds are very very flippy. The farthest flying disc
      for me is the MVP Proton Inertia around 165 grams. But everyone is
      different so its hard to say what will fly the farthest for you. Maybe try
      a Latitude Bolt, it is understable but if you release it with some hyzer
      angle it will flip up and glide for a long time. You might also benefit
      from throwing something a little slower for distance that will hold a
      straighter line with big glide like a Lucid Escape. Hope that helps. Feel
      free to contact me any time if you have any other questions.

  3. I’m have been playing awhile but idk how to tell what kind of arm speed I
    have. I’m a big guy so my arm is physically big but I don’t know if that
    means I have a big arm when I go to look at a new disc. Could you please

    1. +rugbybitt77 When someone refers to someone having a “big arm” in disc golf
      terms they are just talking about how far they throw. Arm speed means how
      fast you accelerate through at the end of your throw and how fast you can
      throw a disc. How far do you think you can throw a driver on average?

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