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Completely Lost Your Golf Swing? (DRILLS TO GET IT BACK)!

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This video is about completely lost your golf swing for golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out . For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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Completely Lost Your Golf Swing?

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10 thoughts on “Completely Lost Your Golf Swing? (DRILLS TO GET IT BACK)!

  1. My every swing on the course I play like my swing could go at any second. Rhythm, tempo and tension. Omg. 2/3 swings, club up up one, until dialed. Hang in there fellow golfers.

  2. Happened to me and took me 2 seasons to get it back.
    Sure I had some good days but mostly I had 2 really poor years went from 10 hcp to 19.
    Once I got it back I had to figure out how I regained it and it was all about my tempo.. When you swing it badly you do tense up (involuntarily) and that kept creeping back into my swing.
    On my way back down the handicap ladder again now but it’s a horrible feeling when you think you can’t swing a club properly.

  3. Literally just got back from the course and was saying that I felt like I lost my swing, then this is the first video I see when I hop on youtube. Creepy. Lol But seriously, your videos are great and I’m hoping this helps for my round tomorrow!

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