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BEN HOGAN 5 LESSONS #4 Downswing

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Hogan’s 5 Lessons. This episode is on the downswing! Shift your weight and let the hips lead the way!



One year after opening the MSE Academy, and after dozens of clinics and MSE Intensives, I have finally produced an instructional video with the entire My Swing Evolution Golf System that I teach my students from all around the world. I believe this common sense approach to learning how to rebuild your golf swing is one of a kind. This video is over two hours long, with 3 separate levels to dig into and many drills. Level 1 is everything I needed to know to break par. Level 2 and 3, take you deeper into the nuances of MSE swing theory.

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8 thoughts on “BEN HOGAN 5 LESSONS #4 Downswing

  1. the plain truth is that hogan did not actively make any lateral movement in the start of the downswing. and he didn’t actively turn his left hip, either. towards the top of his backswing hogan’s left knee moved downwards. this shows that he pressed down with his left foot. and this can only mean that his weight was on his left foot. and, he then rotated his left hip, in the downswing, by pressing down with his left foot. this is why his left foot never slides out of position, as is a common feature in the swing when a player actively turns their left hip. his left knee does initiate itself in the start of the downswing; but it is worth noting that, later on in his career especially, his left knee did not point directly infront of him until he got to the top of backswing, and the recoil from this caused his his left knee to make a the twirly whirly movement on the way down, that was an outstanding feature of his swing.

  2. @christo, i am a huge admirer of your discipline in pursuing your goal, very glad to see that you succeeded, grateful for your generosity in sharing your experience, and quite envious of your fully evolved, fantastic swing form.

    I watched one post you did before where you admitted that you have tried and discarded some of the teachings about the hogan swing because they didn’t work, which is precisely natural because evolution is dynamic.

    My question is, are those teachings that you have tried and discarded still included in the list of videos you have on your page? I just thought those who would like to follow you may need help in avoiding the same mistakes you learned by personal experience in your evolution by pointing out which moves and concepts in the videos you posted before have been abandoned since. I don’t think you believe that your followers need to go through exactly the same trials and errors you have gone through to achieve what you achieved. Thank you and more power.

  3. Always great videos Christo! Here’s an idea. Since Ben Hogan company sponsors you….maybe they’d like to say “If you watched Christo’s video, and give us our “code” you’ll get an extra 5% discount (or other number) on Hogan equipment…. this might help Hogan Golf Equipment company make more sales….and then maybe for each person purchasing clubs or other equipment, maybe they would give you a “commission” (maybe 10% or whatever)… I’ve always thought as an entrepreneur….. I wondered if you ever considered this? Keep up the great work… Steve

  4. I initiate my swing with my hands. My left hand pulls down, which pulls my weight into my left side. This allows me to drop the club into my side, which positions the club into a “slotted” or shallow position. Yes, my hips move, but they move in response to my pull down. Only after the club gets to parallel down do my hips begin to clear. I would think a hip turn to initiate would get you stuck. The arms being passive and hips firing will get you hooking, from personal experience.

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