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Beginner IDGAF Golfer with Tips – My Sister Starts Golf SHOOT 59 Pre-WAY OF THE PLAYA

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This is my sister, T’ski and she started golf in January 2019 and is a rank beginner. So I gave her some golf tips for beginners and let her have some fun before I started showing her the Way of the Playa. We played Impian Emas golf course in Johor Bahru for $15 for 9 holes. It’s an okay course, but it’s cheap and very chill so we can go out with a few new players and have fun without pushy people.




Many won’t believe it because she hits a driver like a BAUS.
She hardly practices because of work commitments but with a bit of fine tuning especially with the short game, she could be a real playa real quick.

In this video, there wasn’t much coaching but I run through some tips that would help her if she would listen. I don’t want to push her too much in the beginning because it’s quite easy to lose the fun if the person is not in control and someone is forcing them to do something.

We worked on stuff after this round and in part 2, you’ll see how much she improved over just a few rounds and some practice sessions.

We worked on the following and most beginners would benefit from this:

1. Work on the irons at the range to get some sort of distance calculation.

2. Putt putt putt putt and avoid 3 putts as much as possible.

3. When you chip, just get it on the green!

4. Work on pitching because at this stage of your career, distances may be quite erratic due to inconsistent strikes. Get better inside 50 yards so you can always hit the green from there and then try to two putt everything.

5. Practice chipping as your number one go-to for improving your striking of the ball in general. The strike zone happens in the same area of the chip. Below waist height and at impact.

improving chipping, will improve your coinfidence to hit closer to the green because you’ll be less scared.

6. SMILE and have fun which is what my sister does in spades. She genuinely doesn’t give a rat’s arse about what happens, she just likes the walk and having something fun to do in the sun and outdoors.


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5 thoughts on “Beginner IDGAF Golfer with Tips – My Sister Starts Golf SHOOT 59 Pre-WAY OF THE PLAYA

  1. I would love if my golf game was a lot of fun like your sister was having๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. If she’s not an accomplished athlete at some other sport, this goes miles professing your abilities as a coach.

  3. One of the old timers like Hogan maybe, said, when choosing a teammate, “I don’t even care if they are good at golf, give me the person with the positive attitude”. T’ski is an inspiration. She can be as good as she decides she wants to become, at golf and everything else she cares to try.

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