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8 thoughts on “BE SAVVY WHEN THROWING CLUBS! – Shawn Clement – Wisdom in Golf

  1. Golf Instruction at it’s best. It would be nice if you could film these
    videos into three views. Face on, like this one, down line and up line
    When I do a swing analysis I will make sure I do face on and down line. I
    have started doing up line and any student who is having a problem with at
    the top and setting the club to the target I do back on. All my first time
    students I video tape them throwing the golf club in three views and the
    pictures give a tremendous amount of feedback. The students think it’s the
    coolest thing. I have a program where in can still frame as many frames
    from a golf swing as I want and then put the swing analysis together. The
    results are great. But the important thing when instructing and making
    videos and swing analysis is a golf swing is not a golf swing unless it is
    all related to a target or targets. This a great video but would have
    loved to see the down line view incorporated into the video. Your the best

  2. Wow!
    I went from a hopeless golfer to a bogey golfer when I started to practice
    the perpetual motion drill.
    Now, with the FEELING of throwing the club to the target, I have knocked 6
    more strokes off overnight!

  3. Hi Shawn, should this be something we should be able to do, or just another
    analogy we can choose from out of the list that you have. I like the
    slashing sword feel, but I’ve never been able to translate the throwing of
    the club feel to good shots. Is it ok if I just stick with the slashing
    sword feel, or is the throwing of the club feel better for a deeper lag and
    more solid contact than the slash feel?

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