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Average Golfer V PRO Golfer – Matchplay at West Cliffs

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The Average Golfer takes on Professional golfer James Wiltshire in matchplay at the unreal West Cliffs golf course in Portugal.

Just an Average Golfer giving unbiased opinions on all things golf, product tests, Golf travel vlogs and golf news!

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15 thoughts on “Average Golfer V PRO Golfer – Matchplay at West Cliffs

  1. Best Vlog I’ve seen for a while. Makes a nice change from watching 4 Players’ 30 second practice shots on the Tee, & another 30 seconds looking for balls in the woods. Course looks fantastic but tough.

    1. @The Average Golfer I dunno, it’s gonna be Liam’s People’s Ryder Cup Barmy Army – Team OMP vs Team Dick. The tees might be set at the tips …. 😉

    1. Not at all, mate, but the average golfer is someone who certainly doesn’t hit the ball like you, Im a 5 handicapper and we aren’t far apart bruv!! certainly not 3/4 shots!!@The Average Golfer enjoyed your vlog and a lot of your other work!! best of luck!!

    2. Not interested in how you did against James, youre playing 2/3 shots better than youre handicap mate!! Well done, putting very good as usual!!@The Average Golfer

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