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10 thoughts on “Add 7 yards to your drives… instantly!

    1. I’m usually at the course an hr before my round. I use the gold flex weighted club to get loose. Simple stretches then about 20 mins on the range and then 20 mins chipping and putting. Usually score high 80s low 90s. Will def try the bands since I have tight shoulders as well. Cheers

    2. I like to bounce the ball on my wedge for a few minutes to get hand eye coordination working. I do that always before a brief chip and putt.

    3. I cycle on an exercise bike at home before I leave {arthritic knees} possibly a few stretches and I have a weighted golf shaft I sort of swing with and stretch that way . its good as long as I don’t let go of it in the car park!

  1. Thanks for the vid, going to give this a try! My warm up is usually short game centric, usually mostly chipping/pitching (if allowed, some courses have the dreaded PUTTING ONLY sign around the green) and putts to get the speed down. A small bucket at the range to figure out what my swing is doing that day, and i’m off

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