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(2019) Golf Tournament – Practice Round

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In a golf tournament, success is frequently determined by a players knowledge of where to hit the ball, where not to hit the ball and which way does a putt break.  This is why having local knowledge is considered so important.  In this video I review some of the keys to mapping out a course to know where to hit it off the tee, what to hit off the tee, positioning yourself properly for your shot into the green and what to look for around the green.  The golf tournament you play in may be at a familiar course or you may have never seen it.  How to play good golf, in a golf tournament or even at your home course, always starts with a smart golf strategy.

Golf tournaments for beginners can be overwhelming and frequently approached like it is just another round.  So many shots can be saved by have the right golf strategies for attacking a golf course.  Strategic golf is as much about knowing where to miss a shot or where you can not miss a shot, as it is how to attack a course.  The tougher the course, the tighter the fairways and the faster the greens are, the less margin there is for error and the more you can be penalized for a poor shot.

Even if you are not playing in a golf tournament, but only playing casual rounds at your regular golf course, the golf strategy used by professional golfers in a golf tournament is still how to play golf for beginners.

Many golfers get golf lessons for driving or a golf lesson for putting, but very few will take golf lessons for how to play golf or strategic golf.  Golf lessons for beginners should always include going out on the golf course for 9 or 18 holes and learn about the golf strategies for how to golf better.

Fredrick Taggart, a 50 year old golfer who is attempting to be the oldest rookie on the PGA Tour.   Follow his journey and learn what he is doing and what takes.  He shares his experiences and wisdom from playing with some of the greatest golfers in history, including Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk and others.  

Golf is a great game, put golf takes work. Practicing golf is essential but usually approached without a plan.  In golf, a great short game is essential, but requires golf drills and a practice plan.  Pro golfers have routines and a practice plan each time they step on the putting green or driving range.  Learn how PGA Tour pro golfers practice their short game, putting, wedges and driving.  Golfers of all abilities will be able to get something from these videos; junior golf, pro golf or amateur golf.  If you play in a golf tournament on any level, you will enjoy these videos.



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