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13 things only the pros know about Augusta National

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13 things only the pros know about Augusta National

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Augusta National is one of the few major venues that viewers at home feel like they know front to back. But according to GOLF’s Anonymous Pro Masters survey, there are some things about both the club and the course that are known only to the participants. The survey — which will be published in its entirety later this week, was compiled over two days at the Desert Classic in January. Forty players.. — all of whom have played in at least one Masters
— answered 19 questions, which included queries about Tiger, Phil and Rory’s prospects, the course’s best and worst holes, whether or not the player has been reprimanded for something he’s done while on property, and much more. When asked to name one thing that most golf fans don’t know about Augusta National, 40 percent of the players said you have to visit in person to really understand how hilly it is. But the other answers were a lot more interesting.A few players also told me that the bird sounds you hear on the broadcast are fake, the greens aren’t as fast as you think, and
— contrary to popular belief
— Masters champions do not automatically become members. Here, in no particular order, are some other gems I heard from the pros.
-“The fried chicken is the best in the world”.. -“Masters champions can only bring a guest to play without a member present on the Sunday before the Masters”.. -“The fairway grass looks super tight but it’s longer than you would expect.”.
-“There’s a tunnel under the range to get to the media center”.. -“No. 1 is the hardest green on the course.”
-“There’s no menu. You just ask for what you want and it appears. -“The whipped lemonade in the men’s locker room is unbelievable. It had like, blended sugar foam on top. It was a dream.”. -“The trees are cut so they all lean in toward the fairway. Check it out! There are no branches on the outside of the trees!”. -“The Masters champion has to pick up the tab for the Champions dinner. And it’s expensive”..

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